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Feed My Furbaby is an eCommerce platform that sells pet food products online. FMFB delivers pet food in a subscription model as well as single boxes based on an algorithm which decides based on different parameters of the user's pet how much quantity of food is required for the order. The platform allows users to add multiple pets to the platform and order food, the user can track their order and functions to provide seamless pet food delivery.


The challenge was to implement a very dynamic algorithm that collects various pet parameters and suggest the best feeding plan for the pet based on which the quantity of food is calculated for the order along with a frequency of their order delivery.


The platform requests for initial information about the user's pet such as its age, weight, and lifestyle (active or lazy, etc.) Based on the user fed data, the algorithm runs a comparison check and suggests the daily calorie requirement and the quantity of food that meet that calorie requirement. From these results, we draw the overall quantity of the food per order and the frequency at which the next order should be made.

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