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Lori-Me Case study


Lori-Me is an android application for truck drivers to receive and make pick-up requests using an easy and convenient application interface. Truck drivers can update all the information regarding the trip to the consigner on the go. The primary requirement was to build an easy to use mobile application platform to receive, view, accept or cancel pickup requests, the user can update all the information regarding the trip such as arrival at checkpoints, goods details, etc. to the consigner in real-time.

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Lori-Me Case studyINDUSTRY

Transportation Industry

Lori-Me Case studyPLATFORMS

Mobile App (IOS, Android)

Our Challenge

The target users of the application are the truck drivers working mainly in the GCC countries, the main challenge was the lack of an uninterrupted internet connection on the road that stops the user from providing real-time updates to the consigner. The app needed to store all the information about the driver and the trip offline.

Lori-Me Case study

Our Solution

During the unavailability of the internet, the app will store the information in an encrypted format in a temporary location and once the internet is active the offline data will be synced to the app which a consigner can check.

Lori-Me Case study


  • Full-stack web development
  • API development
  • Third-party service integration and data migration
  • System maintenance
  • Team extension / Dedicated team


Lori-Me Case study
Lori-Me Case study
Lori-Me Case study

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