mastering case study


Mastering is an audio processing service offered by a company in the US. The services include sound mixing, sound mastering, and stem mastering to its users. The application helps admins to manage the service requests received via the application. It facilitates easy file sharing between the admin and its users in a secure way. It also allows the user to pay for the transaction and get notifications about the service status.

  • mastering case study



  • mastering case study



  • mastering case study



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mastering case study

Our Challenge

File handling was the major challenge, the process involves multiple files as part of the mix & mastering request. The files could be large, and the upload and download need to be done without any loss in quality.

mastering case study

Our Solution

We developed a web front-end for users that helps them to sign up and access the services that the company is offering, using the web application users can manage their requests and share files with the company in an easily understandable step by step workflow. The files were transferred using amazon S3 services without any compression to make sure there is no loss in sound during the process. Admin gets a Django backend system using which they can accept and user requests and upload back the final mix of music.


Full-stack web development

API development

Third-party service integration and data migration

System maintenance

Team extension / Dedicated team

Technologies Used

mastering case study
mastering case study
mastering case study

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