msb doc case study


A unique cloud-based mobile app solution

Automated paper-based documentation processes

  • msb doc case study



  • msb doc case study



  • msb doc case study


    Mobile App

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msb doc case study

Our Challenge

Supam Bector from India was in need of a digital workflow and e-signing solution. Having such a solution was required because there was not enough clarity into how data moved from one task to the next one. A lot of valuable time was being lost because of this. Moreover, the required skills were absent and this posed a challenge to us as they wanted a new technology to be used.

msb doc case study

Our Solution

We built the frontend for the MSB Docs cloud-based digital workflow and e-signing mobile app solution. We developed the frontend using Flutter. The mobile app also provided complete automation of all paper-based documentation processes. This meant freeing up time to devote to other important tasks.


Mobile app development

UI development

API integration


Technologies Used

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