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A smart wine celebration platform with recommendations for wine connoisseurs, wine merchants and wine rookies.


A team of entrepreneurs came up with an algorithm to collect data that helps gauge user tastes with respect to wines. However, there were no means of reaching it out to users and making it useful for them. No platform existed either for wine lovers for social sharing of wine-tasting experiences or for the online wine sellers to study visitor interests and wine buying patterns. Also lacking was a reliable mechanism for imparting useful knowledge on wines at the fingertips for anyone interested.


Our application serves wine lovers and wine sellers who partner with us to use our data to improve their sales. Users can share their wine moments by posting pictures and reviews of wines and events. The app identifies a user’s vinotype as sweet, sensitive, hypersensitive or tolerant. It shows relevancy between two users. Posts are filtered based on location, vinotype and wine attributes. It comes with multi-language support for worldwide users.

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