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Mobile Application for guiding visitors to the points of interest in the Napa Valley Vine Trail


The Napa Valley Vine Trail is a 47 mile stretch from Vallejo’s Ferry to Calistoga in California State. It is built by a non-profit organization to connect the entire valley physically, artistically and culturally. The route is lined with wineries, restaurants, lodgings, parks and such points of interest for visitors to the area. There was the pressing need for a handy mobile application that would alert visitors on the trail with information about various points of interest, their nearness, features and directions to locations.


we developed an iOS application which lists updated information like contact details of historic sites, parks and restaurants and their tariffs and special packages. At the core of our solution is the Points of Interest module. We built a Fitness module which is pushed to the user’s Strava account to enable him to use it for availing Strava miles. The longitudes and latitudes for the map were plotted taking several coordinates. Data was extracted from various links. Apple maps were used for direction from any point to the wineries. The trail included construction sites of rail tracks and pipe-laying. Coordinates were set in the backend to indicate when work got over, with an indicative change in color.

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