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An automated web solution to look after the needs of both property owners and renters and does away with the services of inefficient letting agents.

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Our Challenge

Oasis Living, UK, believed that letting out properties should be easy. Currently, they were under the grip of unnecessary spending because of inefficient and high-priced letting agents who dominated the property markets. Both the landlords and those seeking properties on rent coughed up the high commissions.

Oasis Living was thus on the lookout for an automated web solution wherein a landlord or a renter could register and specify their requirements. Our experts can easily spot those properties that perfectly meet their specifications without involving any inefficient letting agent in between.

Our Solution

We built an automated web application based on principles of finite state machines and Django ViewFlow that allowed both property owners wanting to let out their properties and renters who wanted to take properties on rent to onboard, register, and specify all the details they wanted.

Whenever they logged in thereafter, they could view a dashboard that listed their specifications and all other options that matched their requirements with the necessary contact details. They could communicate via different or chosen channels, including WhatsApp, mail, SMS, or phone calls. They simply had to get in touch with the property owner or renter and fix their deals. This helped Oasis Living to completely do away with inefficient letting agents. This helped them gain efficiency, transparency, and, of course, better deals.




Django REST Framework

Technologies Used

town hall case study
Typescript + React
town hall case study

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