A mobile platform for foodies to explore unique, popular and authentic food spots in your city.

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Our Challenge

The existing platforms for information on food were merely databases of all the restaurants and therefore lacked authentic insights. A group of entrepreneurs who are also avid foodies decided to come up with a platform that will address this issue using the latest technologies. The founders assisted by a team of videographers, photographers, writers and foodies undertook a food trip to food spots to know more about them and experience the ware. They covered 17,000 kilometers, visiting 300 food spots, relishing over 3000 dishes and capturing more than 10,000 photos.

Our Solution

We developed a platform for both mobile and web. The clean and elegant design was fine-tuned through many iterations to the current vibrant yet simple and user-friendly form. Its highlights include a listing of restaurants and pictures of dishes along with search and filter options. The creation of a food profile was a major highlight. Ranking and reviews are put in place using an algorithm that operated on data provided by foodies. the ratings come from users as well as TastySpots. Videos that are optimized for lower bandwidths and evocative pictures help bring alive the culinary experience.


Full-stack web development

API development

Third-party service integration and data migration

System maintenance

Team extension / Dedicated team

Technologies Used


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