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An app to reach out to new residents and homeowners living in a specific area

An industry-first mobile and web marketing app that helps to automate manual tasks

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Our Challenge

Alan Auerbach and Joseph Flore of New Jersey, USA, owners of a resident marketing company,, were exploring ways to reach out to residents and home owners who newly moved into specific dwelling areas. They already knew that a direct advertising strategy for a specific audience will help the digital marketers and brands because they can optimally use the vast number of tools, channels, and data currently available on the Internet to deliver effective and personalized content to their audience.

These two have been currently using manual methods like mailing gift coupons from merchants to new residents in a specific residential area via postal services to market various goods and services. This has proved to be time-consuming, cumbersome, and inefficient.

They needed a web application that would that automate their manual marketing processes to reach out to the new residents and homeowners of a specific residential area.

Our Solution

We developed a powerful industry-first application (that would be available both on the web and mobile) that automated their current manual processes and implement the marketing activities via E-Mail, Social Media (FB), and using the Mobile IP.

This app will enable users Alan Auerbach and Joseph Flore to reach out automatically to highly targeted groups of new movers and new homeowners by contacting the same custom audience through USPS mail, social media, and IP addresses and serve display advertising campaigns and marketing email.


Web development

Mobile app development


API development

Third-party service integration

Technologies Used

town hall case study
town hall case study
town hall case study
town hall case study

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