Tress Hair Style

A well-researched guide to selecting the right hair care products

A web application devoted to creating a user’s hair profile before matching with the right hair care products

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Our Challenge

Aliyah and Hannah are best friends and while studying together in college ‘hair’ was a topic that made its way into their conversations frequently. Whereas Hannah faced difficulty finding the ‘right’ products for her hair, Aliyah was struggling with a burnt scalp and bald spots, thanks to a salon session gone wrong! They have since understood that hair is quite complicated after all. They decided they would not waste more money on searching for the best products for their hair but instead provide women with an easy-to-use app that will do the job.

They wanted an improved version of the existing web application with enhanced features and to also formulate requirements for the Phase 2 MVP.

Our Solution

A powerful web application enables users to log in and provide answers to a ‘hair quiz’. On completion of the quiz, these quiz input values are translated to a unique hair profile for every user. The unique hair profile is matched with resources that are based on four foundational pillars: craft, products, pros and study.


Full-stack web development

API Development


Third-party Service

Integration and data migration

System Maintenance

Technologies Used

tress hair style case study
tress hair style case study

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