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5 Real-Life use cases of RPA that can boom your business

By Akhil SundarJan. 15, 2021, 3 p.m. Application development company
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Boost Your Business with RPA: Explore 5 Real-Life Use Cases for Remarkable Efficiency and Growth. Read now!

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that proposes a double-edged solution for the efficiency problems of the modern business enterprises. Every business process involves a set of repetitive operations that are critical to the functioning of the business. These operations when done by humans repetitively create fatigue and bring in low accuracy into the process. RPA is a streamlining technology that allows businesses to automate tasks and processes that are otherwise done by humans. It has the ability to become a part of your system without disturbing the existing infrastructure and is very cost-effective.

Its real-life use cases are already part of major business operations and are experiencing benefits of RPA first-hand. Below are some of the widely used applications of business automation :

Customer Support & Service

Automated Customer care systems offer far more swift responses and solutions compared to a human counterpart. An RPA bot can handle multiple transactions simultaneously at no cost of being burdened. RPA bots offer the one-point solution for the customer by taking away the hassle of call transfers between different departments. A customer who receives satisfying services is the first step to improve your business and customer service could be a good process to begin your business automation.

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Sales & Purchase Orders

Every operation that involves inter-departmental coordination affects the issues of data duplication and consistency. Traditionally all the stages of order processing require different systems and employees till it is passed, RPA can make possible end-to-end automation of sales and purchase order processing. It can make the entry, invoicing, payment, tracking, etc. of the process much faster and absolute accuracy. Moreover, it leaves employees to take care of other important aspects of this operation. Sales & Purchase orders have a great room for automation and resulting business improvement.


Payroll processing is a monthly activity, which involves entry and processing of a large volume of employee data of various kinds. Any inaccuracy in the data can cause a delay in payments and unhappy employees. RPA can make up for the issues of data consistency and automate many activities part of the process such as initiating reimbursements, generating payslips, direct employee benefits, and bonuses, etc. Automating the payrolling helps the HR and Finance department of your organization to do work of higher value and creativity.

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Automating invoice processing takes away the repetitive manual tasks attached to the operation that normally causes delays or wrong payments. Multiple vendors and different formats, taxing, etc are some of the challenges involved with Invoicing. RPA automatically processes invoices as soon as they're received, this takes out the delay that traditionally happens. The ability to sort and manage data omits the part of inaccuracy ensuring right and timely payments.

Data Extraction, Update, and Validation

RPA automates the time-consuming process of extracting the relevant information from various sources such as PDFs, scanned documents, and other formats. Most of the departments require regular updates of information on their database, HR on employees, the Marketing and Sales department on customers, and more. RPA bots can update the info from forms and e-mails and make sure the database remains refreshed and accurate. Automating the data aspect of your business saves thousands of annual man-hours that can be used for more productive and creative tasks.

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Over 70% to 80% of rules-based processes can be automated and help your business save man-hours, accomplish a higher volume of tasks with greater accuracy. An employee free from the need to perform mundane tasks is naturally inspired to be creative and more productive and all this by adopting a cost-effective technology which in the literal sense of the word effortlessly improves your business in new dimensions.

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