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How AI-based UX will be the future of customer experience

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Hari Krishna,Chief Operating Officer

Artificial Intelligence as a technology has reached a level of sophistication where it is making assured reforms in pretty much every aspect of our modern businesses. By the end of 2019, the AI market has grown by a whopping 154%. Retail, healthcare, banking, and pretty much every industry is adopting AI tools to improve their business operations and decision making.

UX (user experience) design is one such area that AI is reforming. In this article, we'll highlight how AI can help you create a UX design that connects with your customers.

What is UX, and why is it important?

UX(User experience) is how somebody interacts with your website, software, mobile application, or device. Modern business is all about customer experience, and companies are making an intense effort to understand their customer and design their products and services to satisfy their needs. Websites with poor and unoptimized UX have high bounce rates, and businesses have begun to see UX as an important metric that is having a direct impact on their business.

The right UX design encourages an experience that yields results for both your customer as well as your business. Aiding AI tools for UX design can give your business the right branding that is data-backed, thus resulting in a more relevant and better UX.

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How AI improves UX?

Hypothetically AI and UX are both intended to understand human behavior and anticipate the next move. This union of common interests creates an excellent opportunity that is beneficial to both businesses and customers. Let's see how AI can help you reform your UX design:

Smart Algorithms

Intelligent AI algorithms create better UX. The AI tools can analyze how site visitors or app users navigate across the page and at what point they decide to leave. This insight helps to optimize the UX design for future use. By continuously learning and adjusting based on user interaction, AI tools can help you create a highly engaging and personalized user experience.
Deeper Analysis of UX Metrics

Due to powerful data analytics and data processing capabilities of AI, it can evaluate far more number of UX metrics and associated user data than what humans can do. UX metrics such as:

  • Location of users

  • Devices that the users use to access your website

  • Session length

  • How users reached your website

  • Products or Categories viewed

  • Bounce rates

  • User flow

  • Point of Exit

Based on the above metrics, AI tools can create a comprehensive picture of the user's interest and behavior to create a UX design that enables a positive experience for your users.

Deep Learning

Deep learning can help AI analyze countless variations in pretty much every aspect of your UX design and development. It may range from something as simple as the choice of color to a highly specific graphic design. Deep learning technology and user data insights can take you close to a user experience that will guarantee you higher conversions.

How AI-based UX give your Business Branding the right direction?

Your branding is a reflection of your business ideology and a projection of what you offer in a nutshell. The image of your brand is directly proportional to the positive user experience your customers have from your website, app, product, or services. An AI-backed tool can help you fine-tune and optimize the user experience to a more personalized level. 

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Wrapping Up

The contribution of AI in designing and developing your UX improves user engagement to create a satisfying experience for your customers. The right user experience is a mutually rewarding proposition for the customer as well as for your business in terms of loyalty, retention, and better brand value. 
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