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How To Start A Streaming Service App like Netflix : Case Study

By Jibu JamesFeb. 20, 2023, 3 p.m. Application development company
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This blog post will explore the process of launching a streaming service app like Netflix using Python. Read to learn more!

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Creating a streaming app like Netflix is one every developer’s and entrepreneur’s cards today. OTT platforms like Amazon and Netflix are more popular than ever now. The best thing is that this space is open for anyone to enter and dominate. You can perhaps create a streaming app like Netflix and strive to be even better. Let us see what it takes.

Creating an App like Netflix

Firstly, you have to know that there are different types of video streaming apps in the market. They are:

  • Live video streaming with many players in this niche in the market; Netflix is one such pioneer of live video streaming services
  • In the on-demand video streaming segment, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and many others are in the race
  • Streaming apps from TV networks with some TV service providers and individual networks providing premium video streaming apps

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The Netflix Business Model

Netflix’s business model has been more about embracing the audience than the way the business has been monetized. The business model is built in such a way that it will be possible to scale up in the future. It uses a subscription-based business model that will allow the company to scale up quickly when required. Other points to note are the Netflix value proposition that includes four elements:

  • The company ensures accessibility by delivering the video across different operating systems, devices, and platforms. This gives Netflix a huge fan base. 
  • All the programs broadcasted on Netflix are original content, exclusive and third-party publisher’s shows. Its in-house shows are not available on any other platform.
  • Premium subscription owners enjoy ad-free broadcast and this is a big motivation for users to take a subscription.
  • Netflix uses a recommendation algorithm that displays content of interest to specific users and thereby increasing user engagement. 

Netflix’s Monetization Model

The subscriptions come the following monthly plans:

  • Basic plan @ $7.99 /month; no HD viewing, and users can only one screen at a time
  • Standard plan @ $10.99/month; users can watch H.D. videos on two simultaneous screens
  • Premium plan @ $13.99/month; users can watch 4K videos on four screens
  • As for the target audience, Netflix allows Domestic Streaming, International Streaming, and Domestic DVD

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Steps to create a Streaming App similar to Netflix?

You can look at the following steps when you want to create a streaming app like Netflix.

1: Find the niche

What you have to decide first is the content your app will stream to your audience. It could be based on entertainment (HBO and Netflix), fitness, education (how-to videos) ,etc., or any other genre.

2: Content availability

Create or own videos or use videos from other distributors? For the latter you have to get the license and acknowledge copyrights.

3: Monetization model

You can choose Pay-Per-View , Advertising , or Subscriptionfor on-demand video services:

4: Video streaming app requirements

You will have to heed the 

  • Internet Speed (more than 2MB/s) and higher for HD, 3D, or 4K
  • Cloud Hosting and Computing Architecture (allows quick access, are cheaper, are flexible and increase the amount of space automatically)

5: Focus on your Audience

To find an audience for a Netflix-like app use Social Media, YouTube, and arranging newsletters

Important Features for a Streaming App

  • Social Sign In
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Localization (captions, user interface, multilingual support) for a global audience
  • Offline Download

Tech Stack for Creating a Streaming App

Development Tools

  • Java, Python, Swift, Kotlin, Javascript - languages
  • MySQL, Oracle, Cassandra - database
  • Node.js framework
  • Amazon S3- cloud storage
  • Amazon EC2 – cloud hosting
  • React, WinJS - JS Libraries
  • Amazon EMR - Big data as a service
  • FreeBSD OS; Server: Nginx

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DevOps Tools

  • Code collaboration and version control: GitHub
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins
  • Server Management: Apache Mesos
  • Log Management: Sumo Logic

Industries Having High Demand for Streaming Apps

Many industrial sectors profit from streaming video applications. 


The entertainment sector is seeing an increase in live streaming app development. 


The COVID-19 and post-COVID era have seen a rise in the use of remote education technologies and the trend continues to rise. Streaming platforms are required for adding visual aids to the classroom.


All indicators point to the fact that tele-health will become more popular. A majority of them would benefit from using streaming apps.


In eCommerce customers would want to see the product in action rather than just as photographs. For this, videos are helpful. 

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MVP for Developing a Streaming App

The total cost of such an application will depend on the number features that you plan to include. These apps require heavy backend processing features for streaming data transfer. 

MVP Development Cost of Video streaming app like Netflix

Helpful Features that can be Added

  • Platform – better to build for one platform in the beginning
  • Design
  • Users Registration
  • Payment Gateway
  • User Profile
  • Content Search
  • Chats and Comments
  • Push Notifications
  • Settings
  • Admin Panel

Total Development Cost of Video streaming app like Netflix

Crucial Requirements for Building and Maintaining a Streaming App

  • Stable Storage – cloud hosting
  • Good Network Connectivity -Apply Content Delivery Network (CDN) 
  • High Bandwidth - Combination of reliable CDN and video streaming will ensure high bandwidth 

Steps to follow after Creating Streaming App

  • Optimizing the user experience
  • Creating engaging content 
  • Testing the app for glitches
  • Promoting the app through various channels
  • Keeping track of user feedback 

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