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Reasons Why a Dedicated Development Team is a Good Investment

By Ranju RApril 18, 2023, 3 p.m. Application development company
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Global Software Development Rates: An Overview

Modern technologies allow you to outsource software development to overseas programmers who will work remotely and help you to save costs. The other major advantage is that you will have access to large talent pools.

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The main advantages of hiring a dedicated development team include getting an ideal combination of professional talent and advanced skills at highly affordable rates

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The way businesses function is changing fast due to unprecedented advancements in technology. For most businesses, the goal is to adopt new technologies to gain a competitive advantage. To enable this, businesses hire dedicated development teams to research and develop solutions based on new technologies, rather than relying too much on their in-house IT teams. This is because it is not easy to add a member to the in-house team as and when new software or hardware is upgraded to improve operational efficiency. Having said that, let us understand why it makes sense for businesses to hire dedicated development teams.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Dedicated Development Team

Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

It Is Cost-Effective

The main reason why businesses hire a dedicated software development team is that it helps them cut down on various costs, including those associated with renting additional space, hiring, training, onboarding, legal compliance, etc. It also helps businesses save time on hiring the right team members. When hiring a dedicated team, businesses have to clearly state their requirements in terms of experience, technology expertise, etc. They most often get the right talent to start working on the project.

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Improved Productivity

In the software industry, the speed of development and productivity have become more important than ever before to ensure a competitive advantage in the market. Outsourcing dedicated development teams helps businesses get their products to market faster. This, in turn, improves the productivity of companies. This is because the hired dedicated development teams have the experience and capability to adjust and cater to the needs of the new company for which they will work.

No Requirement for Hardware or Software

Generally, companies will have to invest in getting the workspace ready, acquire hardware and software, and hire the best talent when developing applications in-house. Hiring dedicated teams, however, helps companies eliminate these additional costs. The hired teams will be working from their workspaces, using their resources. All that companies that hire dedicated teams have to do is pay for their expertise and the service they provide.

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Access to Developers with Various Skills

Relying too much on their in-house development teams may not be a good idea for companies as the availability of talent can be limited. For instance, companies will have to use the same team for all their projects. Even if a company onboards a new developer or freelancer, its core team remains the same. This often leads to limitations in ideas and thoughts and even hampers its ability to work on a variety of projects. Hiring a dedicated developer team helps companies overcome this problem. This is because a company can hire experts with the different skills needed to complete different projects.

Offers Better Flexibility

A dedicated development team brings with it a great deal of flexibility. While the hired team focuses exclusively on the new project, companies can focus on their core tasks. This flexibility is not only helpful for startups but also for large enterprises. In addition, it allows companies to make changes or modifications to the team while the project is being developed. All that companies that hire development teams have to do is notify the team, and they will make the necessary adjustments.

Enables the Implementation of an Agile Approach

An outsourced development team can provide the workflow agility that companies want. It may be difficult to ensure the same kind of agility and flexibility as traditional in-house teams often work with the same skill sets and specialties for every project. When hiring dedicated teams, however, companies can include specialists needed for specific projects. This suits startups the best because they need dynamism and precision.

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Offers Better Control over Projects

One of the major advantages of hiring development teams is that it allows companies to exercise complete control over their projects. As the owner of the project, companies can actively participate in the development process and monitor the progress. This enables companies to achieve their goals faster.

Allows Collaborative Engagement

Irrespective of the companies from which organizations hire developers, the teams will have professionals who have experience working on outsourced projects. As a result, they will be open to taking suggestions, comments, and reprioritizing tasks. As long as companies provide remote teams with the required information, they will work as independently as organizations want them to. Collaborative engagement happens via proper communication and regular meetings with dedicated teams.

You have Access to Additional Support & Service

The development of a product does not mean that a project is completed. In the case of digital products, after-sale service and maintenance are essential to ensure their smooth functioning. That’s why outsourced dedicated development teams continue to provide quality support and regular maintenance services to organizations that ask for the same. Furthermore, organizations can outsource marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other services, to outsourced teams of dedicated developers.

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A dedicated development team is a group of software professionals engaged by a company to work exclusively on one or multiple projects for a specific period. The team will be managed by the hiring company. However, the team will work remotely and will be committed to completing the project as per the agreed schedule. On the other hand, an in-house team consists of software professionals employed by a company.

Hiring a dedicated development team is beneficial to companies in many ways. They include: 1) A better understanding of the goals and objectives of the project they are working on 2) Improved teamwork and collaboration 3) Accelerated development times 4) Cost savings 5) Scalability and improved flexibility

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