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Top 12 Trends in Java Spring Boot Development 2023

By Ranju RJan. 12, 2023, 3 p.m. Application development company
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Spring boot has been gaining popularity rapidly since its initial release. Here are the top 12 trends expected to shape Java Spring Boot development in the year 2023.

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Java Spring Boot Development

Are you aware of the latest Java trends in town? Well, there are new Java development trends emerging every day. Update with the modern consumer by employing these new trends within your next Java project. Stay tuned to see what your business can do with the latest trends in Java technology.


DevOps or Developer Operations is the union of software development and information technology (IT) teams. DevOps teams are familiar with every part of the application lifecycle which increases the velocity at which teams deliver software. By incorporating DevOps into your development model, your business can benefit from high-quality software and speedy delivery times.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is an application that runs without having anyone to manage the infrastructure of a physical server. Cloud technology has always been on top of radars every year and there are numerous tools for cloud development in Java, including Oracle Java Cloud Service, AWS SDK for Java, and Google App Engine. 

Remote Access Solutions

Lets check out how Java has contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic times. Remote access solutions help remote workers to get secure access to office materials. Building a desktop application that provides remote access solutions for work-from-home users is a great way to take advantage of Java technology. With its unique back-end capabilities and its security features, enterprise-scale solutions using the Java language become extremely well. 

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Git isn’t exclusively a Java technology, but it's a web-based counterpart and is plenty useful. Though most developers may know what GitHub is, few have mastered Git. But any developer who can wield Git with some confidence will seem like a wizard.

Spring Framework

To stay on trend with Java trends, Java developers must constantly seek out the latest updates to old technologies. Spring Framework is an easy-to-deploy Java technology that any decent Java developer should already have in their arsenal.

There’s more than enough room for your software development team to expand their skills and knowledge with Spring 5, Spring Security 5.0, and Spring Boot 2.0 freshly released into the market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is always about utilizing clever algorithms and nifty automation. AI-driven applications earn their applause from the sheer potential of the technology. Due to Java’s low maintenance, high portability, and transparency, AI app development with Java has become a popular choice among businesses that want optimal results. 

Latest features in Java 14 and 15 

Java 14 and 15 versions were introduced to make the lives of Java developers easier. These features allow them to create the most value without getting lost between lines of code. A few features introduced were:

  • Record

It is a special class of Java 15 used to reduce boilerplate code and make it easier to create immutable data objects. 

  • NullPointerException 

It's another Java 14 feature, used in debugging, as it points out the null variable and the name of the call that threw the exception. 

  • Hidden classes

It's a useful Java 15 feature for developers who work with dynamic bytecode or JVM languages. 

  • Switch expressions

These were established as a standard feature of Java 14, and are now able to assign it to the corresponding variable.  

Java Concurrency 

Java concurrency programming is another popular technology in Java where multiple programs or mobile applications can run simultaneously. It is supported through multithreading and synchronization. Multithreading is a lightweight process that allows accessing data from different threads, in Java to constitute the path that is followed whenever a program is being executed. Java concurrency helps to improve the program and optimize the process, as you can run parts of the program in parallel and reduce the time that is required to complete a task.  

Reactive Java 

Reactive programming has become more relevant than ever as the volumes of data are skyrocketing. It’s time to switch to a programming paradigm where you define the source of data and the consumer of that data. RxJava, first released in 2013, is the reactive extension for the JVM, where you connect the consumer to the source of data and RxJava pushes the data to the consumer. This library can help developers build asynchronous, concurrent and resilient Java applications and also makes the code look less bulky and more elegant.

Data Science with Java


Data Science with Java

The fact that Java is a high-performance, general-purpose, compiled language just proves that you can use Java anywhere. Whatever popular framework you choose, Hadoop or Apache Spark, there’s a well-supported Java client or implementation to work with. There are many libraries for data processing and cloud computing as well as machine learning. Of course, Java is not perfect. Java is successfully being used in Data Science due to its ubiquity, performance and seamless integration of the data science code into an existing solution. 

Eclipse Deeplearning4j

Nowadays Eclipse Deeplearning4j which is compatible with other JVM languages is gaining much popularity. It's a library for machine learning written in Java developed specifically to be used in the JVM environment. It is considered a high-level framework that is used for building neural networks. The toolset empowers you to perform a wide range of tasks that have to do with clustering and classifying data, as well as data analysis for high level predictions.

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It is mainly used in cybersecurity for detecting fraud or anomalies, which makes it invaluable for use in fintech, e-commerce, and other sectors due to its enhanced security for sensitive data protection. It can also be integrated with other ML platforms.

Big Data

Java is a prime contender for any big data project according to Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, and Deeplearning4j. Though Back-end engineers are well-acquainted with the concept of data management, big data requires some extra attention as it's a league of its own. Big data is all about large and complex data sets and the methods data engineers must use to deal with them. Only a few programming languages, like that of Java and Python, can handle it.

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The combination of simplicity and robustness is one of the numerous reasons why Java keeps landing among the top technologies for business and the web. Various widely-appreciated scripting languages written using Java,  allow you to make use of the rich Java ecosystem

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The latest Java trends are Serverless architecture, Data science, Devops and Reactive programming.

Java will undoubtedly continue to be a widely used language in the future as Java is frequently updated with new features and capabilities, enabling it to stay relevant in a constantly evolving market. The strong demand for proficiency in Java stems from the large installed base of Java applications.

Android development is impossible without Java. This is one of the main reasons why Java is thriving in today’s programming world.

Kotlin, Python, Scala, Ruby, and Haskell are believed to replace Java.

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