We create high-performance native apps on Android and iOS using faster development methods. Our emphasis is on bringing about rich user experience through leveraging the latest design trends.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • React Native



User Experience

Mobile UX starts and ends with the users. A lot of thinking goes into understanding the user journeys so that we can navigate the user to the destination with least number of steps. Mobile is a hub of interruptions. We design UX for handling these interruptions.

Native Mobile development

We believe that the opportunities of mobile can be harnessed to the hilt when we go native. Cross platform technologies will help you mark your presence on mobile but, native will mark your presence with a blast.

Capturing more than just touch

A mobile sees our world in ways unknown to us. It's a data center of human activity. Our mobile team is trained in handling these data if and when required. We help you capture more data than just touching thereby helping you take data-driven decisions to boost your app preference.

Location Enabled

Everything in the app world is local - location plays a vital role in providing a customized solution to your customers. Give us any mobile app idea, and we can suggest a location strategy for you. Because we breathe location.


Integrating your mobile app to some existing system, in some cases, can give your business more value. SayOne mobility is skilled in integrating mobile apps to various POS, Beacons etc.

Quality assured

Our mobile QA takes a holistic approach. Mobile apps cannot be looked in isolation from the hardware. We test the apps on all major handsets. Mobile OSs are periodically updated and testing it on all major versions are essential. Better performance of the app on a low bandwidth data connection is the key to gain user from developing world. We also test our app for battery usage and security.

Cloud deployment

Faster your app performs the better the user experience is. While deploying the web services on the cloud, we give a lot of emphasis to reducing response time to enable a smooth voyage to your app users. SayOne understands that just deploying on the cloud is not enough, we need to deploy it in the right manner to give a better experience to your users.