SayOne shares in our vision and is the right company to take our business forward. SayOne provides us with high level technical expertise.

- David & Sarah Hughes, Fiz

They enable us to be more competitive in our market. All in all, we can produce faster and cheaper because of the talent they offer and the price at which they offer it.

Patrick Falvey / Managing Partner, DjangoForce

They really understand what the client wants, and they’re open to suggestions. They have never hesitated when I bring something up. The whole experience has been good. They take responsibility and take their job seriously.

Soumyajeet Nanda / Founder, NurtureDen

SayOne is extremely flexible from a project management standpoint and that's really important to our unique business environment. There were no nasty surprises.

Berenice Giannini / Chief Operating Officer, The Naked Dog

SayOne grasped the requirements of our web scraping job (Python / Scrapy) very well and kept us up to date with the progress. Their work was high quality. I recommend them!

Michael Carini / Founder & CEO, LastMile Retail

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SayOne Technologies has been good at understanding our requirements and delivering a finished product which did not need a lot of revising. Their team is knowledgeable.

Mark van Rijmenam / Founder, DATAFLOQ

I feel comfortable working with them on any project as they are innovative and progressive in terms of being on the front end of what’s next and new in technology.

Chris Cutler / Former Marketing Director, Vinetrail Organization

We were able to add speed and discipline to our automated testing initiatives thanks to SayOne. We really feel like their team is now part of our company-family.

Carlos Sierra / CEO & Founder, Twnel, Inc.

I could trust SayOne with my project development and move on, quite assured that my clients have a professional, competent group to take the project to the next level.

Kurt Hurtado / Software Engineer, Elasticsearch BV

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The biggest measurement is that everything works and everything scales! If something doesn’t work, they are easily reachable to troubleshoot. Delivery is high quality too.

Teemu Airamo / CEO & Founder, MMI Broadcasting Inc.

We had daily status calls with SayOne, going over the progress of work. It was a smooth communication process, and SayOne was always available for us with technical solutions.

Ritu Gaur / CEO & Founder, Ednora

SayOne truly is a ‘move forward’ company. They always pick the most suitable technologies from the most advanced technology stacks for their development.

Abdul Manaf / Founder & CEO, TastySpots

I like to make business with SayOne. They always make sure to understand very well our needs and they deliver on time with good quality. I recommend SayOne to anyone who has to develop projects in Python.

Martin Cote / President, D-Modules

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SayOne Technologies has been good at understanding requirements and putting together a finished product which didn't need a lot of revising.

Chris Cutler / Co-Founder, myVinotype

Team SayOne is prompt in following up and overall seemed more on the professional side and that’s what I liked. The coders who were assigned to the project were very diligent and passionate so they pulled out a lot of weekends for us.

Puneet Kumar / Founder, Supr Daily

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My experience with SayOne is a top notch solution for my requirements delivered on time and support. Such a cool and driven team to work with.

Ajay Jolly / Brand Manager, Delicio

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