Data can tell you the future, and we let you precisely know that.

With data to the count of atoms that are being mined, compiled and analyzed on day to day basis, the science of Predictive Analysis uses your past and current data to reliably forecast behaviors and business trends to the degree of days, months and years to come. Nostradamus did this in the past but he guessed, Predictive Analysis uses big data, data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning and a range of mathematical processes to give you predictions of significant accuracy.

How does predictive analytics work?

Every industry is harnessing Predictive Analysis to boost its decision-making power and foresee risk and opportunities to have a competitive differentiation in the market. Airlines use it to set ticket prices based on past travel trends, Hospitality industry uses this technology to forecast the number of guests based on past booking data to predict occupancy and manage resources efficiently to maximize revenues. Retailers use it to forecast inventory, manage shipping schedules, peak season trends to maximize sales. Predictive Analysis helps the banking sector in detecting fraud and criminal behaviors. 

Data Mining
Data Mining

Extracting useful information from large datasets or data warehouses to identify hidden patterns, future trends, and behaviors and allowing businesses to take better and prompt decisions is the main function of data mining.


Predictive Analysis is powered by a set of models and algorithms to manage and analyze large datasets to produce the best possible predictive analytics solution for the organization allowing the company to leverage data and make insightful decisions.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

A Predictive Analysis model includes a machine learning algorithm which recognizes pattern and relationships between various factors and churns out meaningful results. Over time the machine learning algorithm will learn to respond to new data and values and overcome program instructions to make highly accurate data-driven decisions.

SayOne Uses Predictive Analytics to Increase Customer Value

Times are changing and so is the way business is being done, brute force outbound marketing strategy may not be the best way to win new customers or retain the existing ones. Inefficient matching of supply and demand, inconsistent customer experience and the inability to target the right customers are some of the characteristics in the current marketing strategies that blow a hole in the customer experience.

This is where predictive analysis revolutionizes the industry with a large chunk of available offline and online customer data that identifies each customer to have a deeper understanding of customer behavior and deliver a more personalized customer experience. Thus, creating a better sense of value about your company in the customer and precisely Sayone makes this possible for you.


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