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Real Prad A

Chief Executive Officer

Application development companySep, 2020
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Can Your Enterprise choose Python for Software Development?

Python draws some mixed opinions when it comes to software development. It is preferred less for complex enterprise apps but highly preferred for its end-user benefits. So, why does Python attract such polarising reactions? Before we figure that out, we need to understand the concerns that drive these inhibitions about the applications of Python.

Major concerns in enterprise software development

Enterprise software development comes with a lot of challenges. Irrespective of how simple or complex the application is, it requires vision, strong domain expertise, and extensive experience to pull it off. As soon an enterprise jumps on the bandwagon of software development, they open a box of questions and challenges :


Enterprise apps exchange large chunks of confidential data, and any form of a security breach is unacceptable. It can not only disrupt business functions but also adversely affect reputation among the clients. Thus, safeguarding valuable user data has become a mandate for enterprises and organizations. They need highly-secure applications that can resist any form of security breaches. 

Access to data 

Enterprise applications are used by multiple users to access the large volume of data from various locations and that too simultaneously, accessibility of data from remote working locations poses a significant challenge. Here, interoperability standards need careful execution for successful enterprise application management.


As complex it may sound, enterprise apps have a high usage rate. And quite possible within a year, there will be double the number of users. Hence, applications require pragmatic scaling up periodically to meet the rising user demands. Enterprises have to evaluate the scope of the scalability of the application/software from the very initiation phase. 

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Integration with existing systems 

Enterprise application architecture is a mesh of interconnected systems. The new application has to glide on smoothly with the existing application network. A siloed working condition is the last thing anyone would expect in such a scenario. There needs to be a perfect synergy between the existing linked applications and the recently developed ones. 

Operational efficiency 

The sole purpose of developing enterprise software is to simplify tedious tasks and improve the efficiency of the workforce. In this regard, factors such as the speed and performance of the application play a vital role. The performance of the app is one of the priority factors determining the success of enterprise software. 


The adequate skillset or the set of people to manage the application is a necessity rather than a concern. The right team of technology experts ensures that the system keeps running seamlessly under all circumstances. The same may not be the case if applications run using outdated technologies. If the chosen technology stack lacks adequate community support, then it will become increasingly difficult to find the right skill set to manage the application. 

Development speed 

Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom software development can be time-consuming. 76% of IT professionals say that it takes at least three months to develop an app. For an enterprise application, the process can be even slower as it is a more thought-through method with timely delivery being a distant dream for most of the enterprises. This unintentional delay in development speed may sometimes delay progress and value creation.

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Is Python ready for enterprise application development?

As the technology head of a custom software development company with a core focus on Python services, my preference may seem partial towards it. Well, this wasn't the case a few years ago, back then, we had Python for our off-shore development projects because it made sense for a novice like us to choose a not-so-favorite language for finishing small projects. 

From then on, we have tried our luck with various other programming languages like C++, PHP, Perl, Golang, and so on. And Golang remains one of our favorites. As of today, we have delivered over 300+ projects to clients all over the globe. The surprise element is that Python powers a majority of our client's applications. From the wake of our experience, Python is an excellent choice for top-notch enterprise applications.

Advantages of Python over other programming languages 

Python can develop high-performing enterprise apps. To top it off, Python can smoothly adapt to changing business paradigms. It may not be a perfect language, and it does have certain limitations. Let’s take the example of its Global Interpreter Lock (GIL), but it is getting improved with each new version. 

Every language is secure if executed in the right manner. You can use the same programming language to code securely as well as insecurely. It all depends upon your coding efficiency. After all, the tech giant Google wouldn’t be using Python if it was vulnerable. 

If scalability and access to data are the issues in the limelight, then we have some answers as well. Consider the case of Instagram, which has over 1 billion users worldwide. Why did Instagram choose Python for its application? Because of its simplicity and practicality. There are other examples such as Youtube, Dropbox, Paypal, etc., which run on Python. Therefore, Python is not just for small-scale apps but a proven case for large, enterprise applications also. 

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Final Thoughts

The popularity of a programming language isn’t a vital benefactor itself, but it is a significant contributing factor. As more and more Python users arise, the community expands its horizon. Hence, you have guaranteed community support for your Python applications. In such cases, a lack of skill set is one of the last issues you would ever encounter. 

I would say it is a battle-tested server-side programming language. The fact is that Python is fast, scalable, and productive; hence, Python can readily achieve your enterprise application. It is on par with other programming languages in terms of enterprise software development and sometimes beyond. 

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