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Outsourcing Python Programming Projects to India

By Real PradMarch 31, 2021, 3 p.m. Application development company
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A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

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Python is touted as the most popular programming language of today. This is with enough reason because of the object-oriented programming approach that it offers and is simple and easy to learn at the same time. The syntax of the language is easy to read and understand and the cost of maintaining the program is low. These factors are attractive as far as a beginnerprogrammer is concerned. However, the reason why many start-up and enterprise solutions
are coded in Python is due to some of the powerful and standout features that it offers.

Standout Features of Python

Python has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years. Much of it has been because of the growing interests that Python can play in the growth of AI applications that are hogging the limelight today.  Big corporations such as Google, Wikipedia, NASA and YAHOO use Python to code many
of their software solutions. Some of the most common frameworks used are Django and Flask. Among its standout features are:

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  • Its ability to merge with languages such as C/C++/Java
  • The open structure of Python allows its vast collection of libraries to modified by developers
  • Python’s intuitive nature allows it to be used for developing AI modules
  • Availability of instant testing and prototyping possibility makes it time- and cost- efficient
  • Only small teams are required for development work

Why Python for Startups

Outsource-PythonPython allows for smooth development of MVP and this suits start-ups perfectly. Moreover, the development time when using Python is less while simultaneously handling programming complexities with élan. Start-ups function with minimum investments. Python is the perfect choice here as you can
start with small-sized teams that can be scaled up into bigger ones quickly, at later dates, when the requirements increase. Moreover, Python functions just as well when program complexities are suddenly scaled up unpredictably such as when a large number of program users step in simultaneously. Using Python start-ups can thus build scalable apps with great UX, those that be quickly launched, easily build MVPs and those that are high on security. All these point favorably towards using Python as the preferred language for programming start-up applications.

Download Now: A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

Enterprise applications have to be high on data security and not allow breaches of any kind. All enterprise apps are about reducing the tediousness of repetitive tasks so that workers can improve their productivities at all levels. These apps should have instantaneous scalability while keeping their functionalities intact.

Python as a programming language choice for enterprise apps lives up to all these expectations. Supported by a simple syntax, it is supported by different platforms and this is a great plus point. Dynamic typing facility makes for Python both as programming as well as a scripting language. Low-level implementation issues do not figure in the scheme of Python programs and this makes for great savings in the developers’ times. 

Python development for enterprise solutions is also making its presence felt. Compilation into byte-code, capacity for vertical and horizontal scalability, runtime compilation speeds, and Python’s parallelism capability, all make it suitable for large complex programs of enterprise
nature to be made out of this high-level language. Instagram and YouTube are known to use
millions of lines of Python code. This would remove a majority of the doubts regarding
suitability for enterprise applications.

Why Do Companies Think of Outsourcing

The very primary reason why companies think of outsourcing is to cut operational costs. However, they derive a host of other values by the side when they decide to outsource their application development work to technology companies that have expertise. For this, most commonly, they reach out to offshore application development companies.  Offshore application development companies are usually equipped with the resources that are required to take on small/big projects that come by. For the organization itself, if they do not outsource, they may have to recruit new talent in case they have to develop a new product or scale up their existing operations. This usually involves a lot of time. If they want to launch a product at the earliest in the market, there is no better way than outsourcing it.

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Without doubts, the singular major advantage is cost-cutting. The other advantages are:

  • They can reach out to a large pool of talent that may not be available in-house.
  • Whereas development costs can be as much as USD 98000 yearly, in India the cost dwindles to as little as USD 22000. This is a major saving.
  • IT frees up time for the organization prompting them to concentrate on their core business.
  • Outsourcing helps the organization to share the risk of the investment with its outsourcing partner.
  • Handing over work to offshore development companies is observed to significantly reduce the time to market for a product.

Outsourcing to India in 2021- Why Is It Attractive

The last two decades have seen India grow as a favorite outsourcing destination for many Western nations. The world has been placing its faith in Indian IT companies talents for their technology and automation requirements. According to estimates, India accounts for about 55% of the market share in 2019-2020 of the USD 200-250 billion global services sourcing market.

The reason for this is attributed to the fact that Indian companies have been unfailingly delivering high-quality services in this sector. Some of the other factors that favor India as an offshore development destination are:

Download Now: A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

India has an extraordinarily large pool of talent in the IT arena. They are young and hold a minimum Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in tech subjects.

Indian students have their basic education in English and this removes the communications barrier right away. Communications play a major part in the success of any project.

Development costs are significantly low in India. It can be as little as $20 per hour. However, for the best results, the price-quality ratio has to be borne in the mind. For complex projects involving senior/experienced programmers, the costs are likely to be higher.

Significant time zone differences between some Western nations and Eastern countries provide a fair advantage to Indian offshore development companies. Faster time to market and the ability to sync business calls during the overlapping periods are helpful.

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Indian offshore development companies, in the end, provide significantly high quality when it comes to the final product. This overrides most of the other factors. 

Finally, the government in India has set up several initiatives that are business-friendly and many IT majors across the world have set up their offices in different parts of India. The cyber laws are strong and there no fear of intellectual property theft or other security concerns.

Outsourcing Python Projects to India

Indian developers are known for developing Python program that functions with fewer lines of code but possessing exceptional readability. They have the talent to build Python programs with the best strategies using the latest technologies.

Indian programmers are good at developing websites and GUI and web applications using high-level Python. They are capable of meeting all deliverables within specified time and budget deadlines.

Some of the common Python development services the Indian offshore development companies cater to are web applications development using frameworks such as Django and Flask, machine learning applications, data visualization and analysis applications, and
gaming and scripting applications.

Download Now: A guide on how to outsource python projects to India 

Other common jobs undertaken include versatile desktop applications, web services apps in e-Commerce, healthcare and finance, CMS, and migration of data and services to Python from different platforms.

Python Development - Hiring Models Offered by Offshore Development companies

The outsourcing company and the offshore development company share the work in different ways. The three common service models prevalent are the staff augmentation model in which out-staffed employees provide support to in-house staff to perform routine tasks, a project- based staffing model for work that involves medium complexity, and opting for offshore development centers for long-term development involving a lot of work. 

Hiring models offered by offshore development companies also vary. The outsourcing organizations can opt for remote developers where the work is carried on from where they are located. On-site developers are available at the site of the client to carry out the specified work. 

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For mid-sized projects whose requirements likely vary during the course of the work, dedicated developers are not usually hired. In such a case, a per-hour charge basis is adopted and the company pays for the time spent by the developers and the timelines cleared.

A fixed cost model is used for medium and small-scale companies where the whole project is taken up at a fixed cost.

How to Select an Offshore Development Partner

The process starts with the outsourcing company clearly defining its requirements. Deliverables, features, deadlines and costs are listed out. The main points to be considered include personnel hiring rates, English proficiency, cultural implications and time-zone differences.

To choose the best Python development company, consider the following pointers.

  • A company with 5-10 years’ industry experience
  • Successfully built at least 30 to 40 apps
  • A team of at least 20 expert Python developers
  • Clients in other countries
  • A client retention rate of over 95%
  • Flexible engagement/hiring models
  • Interview to onboard the best developers 
  • Python/Django developments products portfolio
  • Client feedback
  • Review of Technology Stack
  • A partnership mindset

Once this homework is done with due diligence, the firm can be engaged.

Python - Language of the future

Python is predicted to be the language of the future. AI and Ml applications and tools arebeing built using Python and are now being used in diverse fields such as web and mobile apps, gaming, system administration tools, AI & Ml, and scientific computing, among others.

Python tools are available for free and development costs are cheaper. Documentation is extensively available for Python and there are no support issues. The development community is large and, most importantly, the language is simple to learn and use. Python runs flawlessly on different platforms. Many companies use Python for all their projects: Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Python is versatile and is among the most popular development languages today and will continue to remain so for some time to come.

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