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How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing mobile app technology

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Paul Joy,Business Manager

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the next big thing. It is slowly making its way into every technological aspect of our lives, homes, how we drive, interact, and how we make our decisions. AI is transforming mobile technology by leaps and bounds, technologies like facial recognition, smarter cameras, voice commands, and many more advanced features are becoming a norm. 

AI algorithms are rewriting the rules of mobile app development technology and creating a wave of intelligent mobile software that can predict user behavior and enhance user experience. The following statistics imply how much AI is already part of our mobile experience:


#1: 97% of mobile users are using AI-powered voice assistants.

#2: Smart speakers are the fastest-growing technology segment.

#3:  44% of consumers do not even realize that they are already using AI platforms.

#4: By 2020, 40% of digital transformation initiatives and 100% of IoT  initiatives will be supported by AI capabilities.

#5: 4 billion devices will carry AI-powered voice assistants this year.


5 Ways How AI is driving mobile technology

Enhanced Search Engines

Text and voice search engines are becoming passe. Image labeling algorithms have led to the evolution of visual search technology. People are using visual search to find things they don't know how to describe in words, or sometimes it is more convenient to upload a picture rather than finding words. Smartphones are integrated with all the technology elements to give out more accurate and fast search results compared to text and voice searches. Google Lens is a popular visual search tool.


Internet of Things(IoT) and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is giving fulfillment to the technology of IoT. IoT has been around for a few years, but it is with the advancement of artificial intelligence that IoT has come home. The real-time usage data from devices combined with AI algorithms are creating highly personalized experiences for the user. IoT with artificial intelligence is pushing mobile app development methodology to make better resources and data to achieve higher efficiency. For example, home automation with artificial intelligence is creating smarter and more energy-efficient homes.

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Facial Recognition Technology

The latest iPhone comes with AI-powered facial recognition technology that can recognize a user's face even with a change in beard or specs. Facial recognition has made unlocking easier, faster, and more secure. Google is making significant innovations in facial recognition with its radar-based technology.


Real-time Translation

Run-of-the-mill translation apps do not work without the Internet. But AI is enabling smartphones to do real-time translations without the need of an internet connection. AI-powered translation tools do more than plain translations; users can adjust the speed at which the translations should be done. For example, French has 15%-20% more words than the original English text and will need a longer gap between each translation.

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Intelligent Mobile App Authentication

With the increasing usage of smartphones and the generation of user data of every nature, we need highly advanced data security systems. AI and machine learning algorithms will enable hack-proof authentication without compromising the user's convenience and experience. AI can add another layer of security to make our interactions more secure. Security will be a guiding force of mobile app development philosophy, and mobile developers are using AI to create unbreachable cyber defense systems.


Wrapping Up

We have already entered into a zone where innovation and adoption are happening at an exponential rate. Artificial intelligence is changing how developers design products and users interact with those products. It is enabling smartphones and applications to learn about its user to deliver a personalized experience. And this is also important from the business perspective, where offering a personalized experience will help businesses to drive more revenue and growth.

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