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Outsource Flutter App Development Services to India

 Flutter as we know is a cross-platform SDK that is used to create apps for both iOS and Android platforms. As an open-source platform created by Google, the major advantage is that one can build cross-platform apps with just a single codebase. This is why perhaps flutter app development services are picking up so much steam. Is this the only reason for Flutter’s popularity?

Other outright advantages include the possibility of creating beautifully designed apps, apps with seamless animations, and apps providing top-notch performances. With so many advantages it is no surprise that the popularity of Flutter seems to be continuously surging in the mobile apps market. 

Components of Flutter

  • Flutter, essentially made up of:
  • Dart the programming language,
  • The Flutter Engine support layer,
  • The Foundation Library consisting of basic classes and functions,
  • And Widgets that are visual blocks to be used in apps

enables the creation of content and visually stunning and smooth-performing apps.

Other Standout Features of Flutter

Speedy Development

Without using Flutter, any changes to the layout of a mobile app take time to implement when it is tested on the device. Android Studio is generally used to fix such issues. However, there also the features are limited.
When you use Flutter the readily available ‘hot reload’ feature is a big boon as far as developers are concerned because it helps save quite a bit of sweat! Applied changes can be viewed instantly. This makes Flutter a speedy app development platform.

Favorite with Developers

That a single Flutter codebase can be used to build an app for both iOS and Android platforms makes it attractive right away. It has an efficient GPU, which is also portable, that allows the developer to work from different interfaces. 

Less Time-to-market

If you want to hit the ground running with a high-quality product launch, then think of Flutter. With the Flutter development framework, work can happen pretty quickly, without any compromise on the quality. Most of the work gets done by implementing a suitable 2D UI in Flutter instead of writing complicated code. 

From the Tech Perspective

Amazing plugins that are available in Flutter favour smooth scrolling and many motion APIs make for better UX. Objects in Flutter can be freely allocated this prevents stutter of any kind.

Top Apps Built with Flutter

Coding just once and compiling for multiple platforms is what makes this open-source app development platform attractive to developers. First released in 2017 by Google, it stills ranks top in the app development framework popularity chart. The high-performance apps created with Flutter work well even with limited resources.

  • Some of the top apps built using Flutter
  • Google Ads
  • Hamilton
  • XianYu by Alibaba
  • Reflectly
  • Watermaniac
  • PostMuse
  • SpaceX Go!
  • Toughest
  • inKino
  • KlasterMe

Therefore, in case you want to create business solutions that are future-proof to bring in the advanced technology trend into your organization, you can opt for Flutter development. It also helps to decrease the risk to your business.

If you have decided to build your Flutter App you can hire the best programmers by either hiring them in-house or by opting for outsourcing your work to an offshore development team.

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Why Outsourcing is a Good Solution

When you hire an offshore development firm to develop your Flutter apps, firstly, the headache of hiring in-house programmers is removed. Most of the offshore development companies work on a contract basis. The project delivery takes place promptly without any glitches. Your organization can concentrate on the core business aspects. It also serves to divide the risks with the development company.
Hiring an offshore development company has its drawbacks. Cultural differences and communication with the development firm may be hassles. However, these can be easily overcome with help from an efficient project manager.
How do you find the best offshore Flutter app development firms? The best place to search for these would be platforms such as Clutch or Goodfirms. GlassDoor is yet another option. 

Why Outsource Development Projects to India

India is favored among the top destinations in the world for outsourcing technology development projects. There is a multitude of reasons for this with the most prominent ones being the following:

  • India has a hugely talented pool of developers that will build cross-platform and other kinds of applications.
  • The hiring rates in India are much below what you need to pay out in the USA or Europe. Costs reduce to almost one-tenth in India. The price-to-quality ratio is very high in India. Pricing options are likely to be moderate.
  • Most of the developers in India hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in the concerned subjects and are adept at handling large and complex technology projects. They are trained to build Flutter apps using the best practices prevalent in the industry. The Government of India’s IT policies are in place and so are the laws relating to cybersecurity and Intellectual Property. The organization’s data will be held in a secure environment.
  • Communication is easy as India is among the largest English-speaking nations in the world.
  • The developers exhibit a result-driven approach and they are likely to use the latest technology stacks and have in-depth domain knowledge. The software development professionals in India are trained to stick to all time and budget deadlines that are specified.

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Different Flutter App Development Services offered in India 

Offshore development companies have on their platter several different Flutter app development services that they offer:

  • Cross-platform Application Development: Responsive, unique and scalable cross-platform Flutter apps that perform seamlessly over different devices
  • Flutter iOS app Development: Scalable, Responsive and interactive iOS Flutter apps
  • Flutter Android App Development: Singular UI design, fast, and easy maintenance apps with high performance
  • Chat Application Development: Chat apps for mobile and web applications
  • Migration and Upgradation: Agile Migration for services to start-ups and enterprises
  • Dart Application Development: Native apps into their Hybrid formats using Dart
  • Flutter Consulting Services: help in choosing the app development strategy, development and deployment of the app. 
  • Flutter UI/UX Strategy Building: Strategies to scale up business for clients using the latest Flutter UI/UX strategies; apt visual designs and information architecture
  • Industry-specific Flutter application solutions: Flutter solutions to cater to the needs of a specific industry. Flutter QA and Testing Services: 
  • Catch all bugs in any Flutter app with our comprehensive QA and Testing procedures. Hire Flutter Developers – Engagement Models

Hiring Flutter developers in India is simple. Most offshore development firms follow similar engagement models.

Hire on a Monthly Basis

You can hire developers for a specific number of hours in a month, say 150 hours. You can manage the teams as per your methodologies and obtain real-time updates of completions of the project milestones. Monthly billing cycles are followed.

Hire on an Hourly Basis

The payment is for the work completed on a per-hour basis. The number of hours can beadded or revoked according to changing requirements. Real-time updates are provided as soon as scheduled work is completed.

Hire on a Fixed Cost Basis

The project cost in full is fixed before the work is started. This suits long-term projects. The scope of the job can be changed at very nominal costs.

The Flutter App Development Process in a nutshell

The flutter app development process goes through the below-mentioned route in most reputed offshore Flutter app development companies:

How to Choose your Offshore Flutter app Development Partner

It is a challenging job to engage a top-rated offshore Flutter app development partner, as many factors have to be simultaneously considered. However, given below are a few basic pointers to be kept in mind before finding your offshore Flutter app development partner.

At the start, it is important to be clear about your project requirements, the technologies that are to be used and any other additional skills that you are looking out for in the offshore team.

You have to determine whether you are going for staff augmentation or whether you need end-to-end support for the software development.
The next step involves setting up a budget for the project and picking out the software development firm that fits the bill. However, you should be wary of unrealistic bills and too- low prices.

Other must-dos include:

Going through verified reviews of the company, client testimonials and case studies will help you decide if the company is a good fit for your requirements.

Go through the Flutter app portfolio of the company to get an idea of the work they have done.

The company should have a partnership mindset and willing to understand clearly your goals and visions. They should be willing to get into a long-term partnership for the best outcomes and to reduce the risks.

Evaluate the capabilities of the developers through interviews.

End Thoughts
Flutter is a powerhouse of features and functions. The best developers are confident that Flutter will become the future of mobile app development. It may not replace native app development but it still has the best UI development framework that is available currently. In case you have a cool app idea, it is time to partner with an expert Flutter offshore development firm in India and actualize the idea. 


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