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Paul Joy

Business Manager

Application development companySep, 2020
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Top trends of RPA to watch out for in 2021

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is increasingly becoming a part of an enterprise's workforce. 2021 has seen a surge in RPA market share, mostly due to the COVID effect many enterprises are switching to RPA for its customer service operations and repetitive processes. This year businesses will recognize the impact of a constructive collaboration between the human workforce and how RPA bots will improve business and revenue. The sophistication in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will see RPA evolving into new exciting realms. This combination of RPA and AI/ML tools is called hyper-automation.

Top trends of RPA to watch out for in 2021

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RPA trends of 2021

2021 has already seen greater adoption of RPA technology, and this trend will likely continue. This year we will not only see trends on how the technology of RPA will grow, but also witness the evolution of criterias based on which businesses will choose the RPA bots and assess its performance. Following are RPA trends of 2021:

1 - Parameters to measure RPA's value 

Based on the results of businesses that already have rich experience with RPA tools we will have more valuable parameters to measure the performance of RPA tools. They are:

Top trends of RPA to watch out for in 2021

Productivity- With an RPA tool in action, how much time it is generating back to the business.

Process Optimization - RPA tools are a great source of data. How this transactional data generated from RPA tools can be used to optimize or transform various business processes to enhance customer/stakeholder's experience and to be of greater value.

Better employee engagement -  Employee engagement will be a parameter of RPA's performance in how it is freeing up employees from monotonous and repetitive tasks for them to take care of the more valued and creative aspects of the business.

Improve in Service Quality and Delivery time -  RPA can handle an immense volume of work in far lesser time in comparison to human counterparts. RPA will be judged on how it is improving the quality of services w.r.t time, for example, high quality customer support with the faster response time.

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2 - RPA will be the gateway for AI

The concept of hyper-automation will become real and it will create a gateway for testing and deploying AI/ML tools, business intelligence, and predictive analytics into the enterprise. Businesses will be able to access and download AI-infused RPA bots via bot marketplaces. Scaling up and adding skills to bots will be far easier. There will be more intelligent versions of RPA bots that will be doing more than responding to pre-coded scenarios.

3 - Deeper understanding between Digital Workers and bots

Businesses will have a clear differentiation between the capabilities of digital workers and bots. Bots generally operate based on predefined steps to complete a task without taking into account any unprecedented changes. Whereas, digital workers are bots with a human-like response to tasks. The digital workers are self-organized and can learn and adapt. Digital workers can carry far more complex tasks that may require a mix of reasoning, cognitive, and intuitive approach. In 2021, we will see a more balanced mix of digital workers and human workforce collectively enhancing the productivity and business capabilities of enterprises.

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4- RPA will find more end-to-end use cases

More processes will employ RPA bots to automate end-to-end use cases. This will have a more constructive impact on optimizing processes and the overall organizational structure of an enterprise. Businesses will be able to discover a new set of processes to be implemented by RPA bots which were otherwise not possible for humans.

The year 2021 will see a more strategic approach towards planning, implementation, and generating value out of RPA automation. There will be a more holistic and collaborative effort between businesses and IT experts in the creation of RPA bots to achieve a broader digital transformation.

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